1949 Oldsmobile


Featured in issue #16 of Kustoms Illustrated

A short history of this car as written by the owner of the car Doug Reed

In 1967 a few months after my wife Paula and I were married,I found a 1950 Olds wagon setting on a used car lot.I needed a second car to drive to work so Paula let me buy it.I drove the wagon for a couple of years until I broke the rear end.A friend of my had a 49 fastback and wanted my wagon,so we traded.I put in a 57 Olds motor.Then I had the car painted green.It was mostly stock with a set of chrome wheels.In 1978 I was talking to Eldon Titus about custom cars from the late 50's early 60's when Eldon suggested I should let him turn my olds into a mild custom.With the help of Eldon and Jerry Titus the Toad was born.
Over the past 28 years the Toad has shown up in several National books and magazines.The reason I named my Olds the Toad,if you look at the profile with the green paint and the slope of the fast back,it looks like a toad setting on a lily pad.
After almost three decades of driving its time for a makeover.After following the progress of Tom Sparkman's 55 Buick durings its build up in Mike Schoech's Auto Artistry I have picked Mike's shop for the makeover.Mikes workmanship and attention to detail will restore the Toad to today's standards.You are welcomed to follow along as Auto Artistry refurbishes our old worn out Toad.
Thanks Doug and Paula Reed

Car as done in 1978